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This site seeks to present the facts and research gathered over 40 years to aid in the promotion of Healthy Living and the part Aspirin has to play

About the authors of this site
Peter Elwood is a professor in Cardiff University. In 1974, while in a research unit supported by the Medical Research Council, his research team reported the very first randomised trial of aspirin and heart disease, showing a 24% reduction in deaths in men who had had a recent heart attack. [See reference 1 and 2 below] A few years later his team set up the Caerphilly Prospective Study, the results of which gave support to many of the statements in this web site, and most powerfully supports the statements in the section on Healthy Living.[4]

Elwood has maintained an active interest in aspirin and has published over 50 scientific papers and has given many lectures on the benefits and risks of aspirin. He has also reported extensively on the benefits of healthy living.

Dr Gareth Morgan is a practicing specialist in public health. His involvement in work on aspirin goes back to 1997 when he worked on aspirin with an international team………..

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About the authors of this site continued
In 2006 Elwood and Morgan were involved in a study of public attitudes to aspirin. A Citizens’ Jury was held in Cardiff [See reference 3 below] and both gave evidence to a group of people chosen to represent the general public. The ‘verdicts’ of the ‘jurors’ included:
– The treatment of disease has been delegated to healthcare professionals, but the preservation of health and the prevention of disease is the responsibility of the individual.
– Information on the benefits and risks of measures which reduce the risk of disease – whether lifestyle, drugs or whatever – should be made easily available to the public ‘….even before there is agreement amongst doctors’.
Elwood and Morgan have since felt a responsibility to make information on low-dose aspirin, and on healthy behaviours available to the general public and hence this web site. [See reference 4 below]
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